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*chuckles while crying on the inside*

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I was tagged by the lovely and wickedly cool standerful  tumblr user (SORRY HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO LINK YOUR NAME TO YOUR TUMBLR) Technology is not my strong point 

1. Movies.. Biggest movie buff right here..

2. Writing, being able to write freely makes me very happy

3. Acting is cool as well

4. Reading

5. Music.. pretty much all of it

6. Feminism

7. Youtube. I just want to be friends with all of them 

8. Japanese food is toooooo goood

9. Amusement parks make my heart flutter 

10. Bands are cool as well.. Especially when they are 4 Australian gods but hey  

11. Seeing people doing things that make them happy 

12. Watching those family reunion videos on youtube., Ya know what I mean???

13. Baby animals

14. Animals being set free or into a safe sanctuary after being in circuses or bad environments for pretty much their entire lives  

15. My friends are cool as well.. woooo

Don’t really have any other friends so you want to do this tag thing.. Then do it! Yay 



i was in the car with my mum today and she stopped reversing and looks at me and was like “is that a hickey ??? On ur neck ?????? did a boy do that to u ????????? i thought u’d be alone forever on ur laptop.” the hickey was a bruise from where i accidentally shot myself in the neck with a nerf dart while trying 2 recreate a scene in star trek. my life is so pathetic even mum wants me 2 get some

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I’m getting pretty real on twitter today

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this pic is crucial

Treat yo self.

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someone asked earlier what tattoo artists practice on before human is a tattooed banana, one of the options.-kat

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